Wizard Hult
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Levels 20 Stages.
Game Type Halloween
Genre Adventure
Websites Miniclip

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Prequel/Sequel None
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Wizard Hult is an adventure game that was publish near Halloween of 2012. The objective to the game is to find a door that is at the end of stage. The player will play as the character "Wizard Hult" who's objective is win the witch Shiloh's heart by proving his loyalty to her. He'll have to prove his loyalty by meeting her at the top of Wolf's castle on the next night of the full moon.


Icon c mousemove + Icon c mouseleft Click (hold down) and drag to build bricks

Icon c down Open doors


  • Design & art: Min Lin
  • Programming: Junnan Lin
  • Lead Design: Min Lin, Dachuan Lu
  • Script Editor: John Ingemi
  • Music: Pierre Langer, Lee Feranades, SoundRangers
  • Sound Effects: The freesound Project, Sound snap, Junnan Lin
  • Game Engine: Flirel
  • Physics Engine: Bof2DFlash
  • Lead Editor: OGMO Editor
  • Special Thanks to:
    • Dang
    • Jian Lu
    • Wei Wang
    • Bo Qu
    • Peng Lin
    • Lei Wang
    • Wentao Lu
    • Yilu Liu
    • Yongiao Zhang