Sketch Star is an editing interface by Miniclip that allows registered users to create animations, which can be viewed and saved as well. It officially closed on April 16, 2013 .


Sketch Star's interface is made from several parts.

  • A canvas, on which the current frame is displayed.
  • A scrolling bars to toggle between frames and backgrounds.
  • Buttons for adding and removing frames.
  • A box that contains images, some of them contain pivots, that allow rotating some of their parts.
  • Editing tools (brush, bucket, eraser), with an optional opacity.
  • Shapes generator (circles, rectangles, stars, etc.).
  • Text and Speech bubbles (For members only)
  • My objects (Create your own things!)


An animation can have up to 100 frames. A scrollbar allows toggling between frames and also adding backgrounds to a frame or several frames. A frame's length can be extended as well.


Sketch Star contests are held almost at any given moment. The contest's theme is sometimes about a holidays or event, and other times about other topics. The top 3 winners receive an award.

Editor's PickEdit

An editor's pick is given to a well-designed animations. It ranks from Green, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Blue, and Diamond.


There are several awards that can be earned from Sketch Star. They are determined by a particular number of achivements (e.g. number of views).

Award \ Rank Green Bronze Silver Gold Blue Diamond
Votes N/A 100 1,000 5,000 50,000 100,000
Editor's Pick 1 10 50 100 250 N/A


Sadly, sketch star is not on Miniclip because it has been closed/taken down. Lots of players miss sketch star and that's why the online Miniclip population is going down.