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Release Date November 21, 2009
Levels 20
Game Type Puzzle
Genre Puzzle
Websites Miniclip

Arrows, Keyboard

R.I.F.T. is a puzzle game by Miniclip, published on 21 November, 2009. The game is one of the My Friends League games, and has 3 awards.

Game onjectiveEdit

RIFT Robot

The R.I.F.T.

The player is a small robot that has been invented by an alien scientist, and programmed to be a Robot Intelligent Food Transporter (RIFT). The goal of the game is to bring a cake to the master- a fat and lazy alien.


  • Jump: Space,Up arrow, Letter W
  • Move left: Left,A
  • Move Right: Right,D
  • Grab box: S,N
  • Grab box w/o turning: X,M


Award How to obtain Image
R.I.F.T. Bronze Gather 10,000 points in order to get the R.I.F.T Bronze Cake! Libraries Awards 265
R.I.F.T. Silver Gather 13,000 points in order to get the R.I.F.T Silver Cake! Libraries Awards 266
R.I.F.T. Gold Gather 16,000 points in order to get the R.I.F.T Golden Cake! Libraries Awards 267


  • The game works the best on Safari in Mac.

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