The goal of Polar Jump is to click on the bear repeatedly to make the bear jump as high as possible. This may seem easy but it isn't, as the bear drops faster and doesn't jump as high. There are a couple of items to help you along the way though, and they are the following:
Polar Jump

Super JumpEdit

This is an arrow that super jumps your bear if your bear hits it.

Boost ClickEdit

If your bear touches this, your cursor changes shape. If you click on the bear, it will jump very high.


Once your bear hits the parachute you may use it at anytime by pressing the spacebar. You can only carry one parachute at a time.


Once you get this a trampoline will appear under you and guard you as a sort of safety net.


You can get the Space Bear achievement if you jump your bear high enough into space.

  • Galactic Bear-Unlocks when you reach 10000 meters.
  • Polar Jump Christmas Award-Unlocks when you reach 2500 meters.