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Ninja Painter
Screenshot 2
Game Type Awards
Genre Puzzle Puzzle
Websites Miniclip, SilenGames

Mouse/Arrow Keys

Prequel/Sequel None
Credits SilenGames

Ninja Painter is a Puzzle G, Green and Pink. Collect all stars for highest score.


Icon c arrows Move Icon c mouseleft Move


Torn between the decision of leading a life as artist or ninja, you must venture out in this puzzling quest through the city of Megapolis to see where the path of the Ninja Painter will lead.  There are different levels, Easy, Medium, and Hard.  There are also number levels. If the ninja falls off from the edge, then you will see the game over screen, the color is blue.


There are 5 awards for Ninja Painter.

Award gold

Ninja Painter Golden Award

The city of Megapolis is know for it's complex and dangerous buildings, but they still need to be painted. Score 65,000 points for the Golden Ninja PainterAward

Award silver

Ninja Painter Silver Award

Rumors of a Ninja Painter has reached the town! Are you up for the new challenges? Score 45,00 points for the Ninja Painter Silver Award.

Award bronze

Ninja Painter Bronze Award

Paint all the walls in the village fast enough and score 25,000 points, then you are worthy of the Ninja Painter Bronze Award.

Awatd time limited

Disney Epic Mickey 2 Paint Brush Award

Unleash the power of the brush! Paint the walls as fast as you can & score 10,000 points to win the Disney Epic Mickey 2 Paint Brush Award.

Advent award

Advent Challenge 11

Score 20,000 points to complete Day 11's Advent Challenge.