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is a game developed by XGenStudios on the website


Miner: The main character. The player controls him/her through the game.

Mr. Natas: The employer of the miner, he occasionally sends the player bonuses for certain tasks, and plays a big role in the story.


The player controls a miner as he/she adventures deeper into Mars, collecting minerals. Generally, the deeper the player goes, the more valuable the minerals are. The player can then return to the surface, at which you are able to refuel, sell your collected minerals, buy upgrades, repair your vehicle, or buy various items. It is crucial to maintain both the fuel supply and vehicle health, or the game is lost.

As the player goes deeper, mysterious occurrences, along with Mr. Natas, discourage the protagonist from going as far as possible. Once the depth of 66666 feet has been reached, a boss battle ensues between the miner and Mr. Natas.


There are four businesses on the surface:

  • Propellant Vendor 12000: The station at which you refuel.
  • Mineral Processor 3000: Buys your collected minerals.
  • Autobuy 2000: Store that sells upgrades for your digger.
  • Emenation Station 3500: Store that sells items such as dynamite and reserve fuel tanks. This store also repairs the hull of your digger when damaged.

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