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Miniclip is a website for online games. It was founded in 2001, and as for today, it support 17 languages. The games in Miniclip's website are mostly created by Miniclip, but some of them are games by Armor Games and Nitrome.


Most of Miniclip's games contain a highscore leadboard, where the player's score is saved with their name and country (displayed as the country's flag). The leadboards contain a daily, weekly and monthly score list, in a mode of the player's rank or the top 10 players for the selected period of time.

Top 12 gamesEdit

A list of the 12 most played games is found in Miniclip's home page. This list is mostly updated every month. Club Penguin was the top game on this list in 2007. In 2008, the top game was Commando 2, and in 2009, the top game was Sketch Star. In 2010 and 2012, 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer has become the top game, and remained on the top of the list ever since.

The following list lists some of the top 12 games by years.


It is possible to submit score as a guest, but it is possible to create an account in Miniclip. Every account has its own page, with its scores, awards, avatar and friends, and also the number of views of their profile page.


A player's rank is measured by the player's


Some of the games have speicial awards that players can earn, which are displayed on their pages. Most of the games have 3 awards- gold, silver and bronze- although some games have extra awards, or do not follow this pattern.


Main article: YoMe

A YoMe is an avatar of a player. YoMes can be either girls or boys, and it's possible to change their skin color, clothing, background, and even add a pet. By logging in via Facebook, it is possible to use custom images as avatars.


Players can request others to become their friends. A player's friends are listed near the bottom of his user page. Until an update, players could compare their score with friends that had similar score in games.


All players have a message box, that includes messages from Miniclip employees, mascots and other players. Players that are 13 or older have the ability to send messages to other players.

10th AnniversaryEdit

On May 5, 2011, Miniclip has released several new updates for its 10th anniversary. One of them was the release of the game Deca Jump. Several gifts were released that month[1], one for a particular days, such as a PC version for Monster Trucks Nitro, and offering some of the iOS games for free.

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