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Levels 30
Genre Action
Websites Miniclip


Prequel/Sequel None
Credits Harold Brenes

Fragger is an action game that is based off of Rovio Entertainment's Angry Birds. Released online in July 2009, before Angry Birds released in December 2009. The objective of the game is to destroy or knock out at your targets. There is 30 stages to complete with 11 achievements to achieve.

The levels are available in Normal, Hard and Elite modes, that each one of them can be unlocked by finishing the previous mode.


  • Grenadier 1- Terminate 15 enemies.
  • Grenadier 2- Terminate 30 enemies.
  • Grenadier 3- Terminate 60 enemies.
  • Fragmaster- Novice- Beat the game on meium difficult.
  • Fragmaster- Advanced- Beat the game on hard difficult.
  • Fragmaster Elite- Beat the game on elite difficult.
  • 2 Grunts 1 Stone- Terminate 2 enemies with 1 grenade.
  • Beat 'em Up- Hit an enemy with grenades 7 times.
  • Red Ross- Enrage an enemy!
  • Dead Ross- Terminate an enraged enemy.
  • Down and Out- Terminate an enemy by dropping him out of bonus.


Award Description Image
Fragger Gold Award Reach 800,000 to get the Fragger Gold Award! Libraries Awards 229

iOS versionEdit

The iOS version of Fragger released in August 2010.


Like Gravity Guy, Fragger can be played on Miniclip iOS, Android, Symbian OS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Facebook and Smart TV. The Windows 8 version of the game refers to Xbox Live games released in 2012 and announced in August 2012.