Once upon a time humans and dragons lived together in peace. Now an evil king has taken over the control of your kingdom and divided the land. Free the people opf asheton with the help of your loyal dragon. 


Dragon control

Additional ControlsEdit

Up arrow twice to stop dragon 

Down arrow twice to dive

Right arrow twice to dodge right

Left arrow twice to dodge left

z key to target 


Once upon a time in the ancient Kingdom of Asheton, humans and dragon lived together in peace. But one day an obscure threat arose from the Elastern Peaks: Hurr the Hellish, King of the Black swamps dragons, attacked the region with his raiding forces and took possesions of the Kingdom You were banned from your land, and you saile aways in search of help. Now you are back, riding rhe loyal Athumoteus, to seekthe revenge and freedom of the people of Asheton. 


Green Diamond : Restores health


Red Diamond : Gives breath power

Breath boost

Yellow Diamond : Gives bonus score

Bonus score


Gold dragon
Silver dragom
Bronze dragon