Dogfight Squadron
Dog Fight
Game Type Credits
Genre Flying
Websites Miniclip

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Prequel/Sequel None

Dog Fight is a game where you soar in the skies in your own plane and shoot down enemies. In this game you can either play single player missions [training] or multi-player mission.

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Multiplayer MissionsEdit

In multi player games you play against real human players. In the multiplayer missions you can either play Ace fight or Team fight. Multiplayer missions affect you skill rating and they give you points.

Ace FightEdit

In ace fight every player is  your enemy. You have to collect 5 aces in 20 minutes to win. To collect aces you have to kill enemies. Crashing , bailing out, or getting killed will decrease the amount of aces you have.  In this type of game you can land on any base to repair your plane and reload your weapon. 

Team FightEdit

In team fight you are automatically divided into two teams- Red Team & Blue Team. The members of the Blue team start the game at Blue Steel likewise, the Red team start at Red Fury. To win the game you have to kill all the enemy pilots.  But as the enemies respawn, you have to destroy the bases of the enemy pilots to prevent them from respawning.  In this game you are given 20 minutes to kill all the enemy pilots. If your team can't kill all the enemy pilots in the given time the team with the most number of bases wins the game. To capture a enemy base you have to neutralize it by destroying all parts of the base. To capture a neutralized base  you have to land on it. 

Single Player Missions [training]Edit

In the single player missions you play against computer players. There are 3 types of games in the single player  mission.  

Take a base, Ace of aces & Under Seige. Trainings doesn't affect you  skill rating or give you points.

Take a base [Training]Edit

In this game you practice landing and taking off. You are given 10 minutes to capture all of the bases. In this game there are no enemy pilots, but there is one enemy base which is Red Fury. To capture that base you must first neutralize it. In order to do that you have to destroy all the parts of the base then land to capture it. 

Ace of Aces [Training]Edit

In this game you have to shoot down enemy planes and collect 5 aces in 10 minutes. To collect aces you have to kill enemies. Crashing , bailing out, or getting killed will decrease the amount of aces you have. You can land on any base to repair your plane and reload your weapon. Or choose to take off from any base . Every pilot in the game is your enemy. 

Under Seige [Training]Edit

In this Game you are given a base to protect, you can either take the aafu and shoot down enemy plans or take off and hunt your enemies while soaring the skies. You may destroy enemy bases and capture them, however while you are away attacking remember that no one is there protecting your base. So if you want to gain a base then keep in mind that your current base is at risk. However if you can capture another base then it is you benefit as your enemies then would have to destroy another base to completely destroy you. You have to survive 10 minutes if you want to win this game


As you play missions and win points as you play the game you earn higher ranks. 

Rank ListEdit

Am Jr
Am Sr
Am M

Junior Sergeant
Senior Sergeant
Master Sergeant
Sgt Jr
Sgt Sr
Sgt M
Junior Lieutenant
Senior Lieutenant
Master Lieutenant
Lt Jr
Lt Sr
Lt M
Junior Captain
Senior Captain
Master Captain
Cpt Jr
Cpt Sr
Cpt M
Junior Major
Senior Major
Master Major
Maj Jr
Maj Sr
Maj M
Junior Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel
Senior Lieutenant Colonel
Master Lieutenant Colonel
Lt Col Jr
Lt Col
Lt Col Sr
Lt Col M
Junior Colonel
Senior Colonel
Master Colonel
Col Jr
Col Sr
Col M
Junior Brigadier General
Brigadier General
Senior Brigadier General
Master Brigadier General
Brg Gen Jr
Brg Gen
Brg Gen Sr
Brg Gen M
Junior Major General
Major General
Senior Major General
Master Major General
Maj Gen Jr
Maj Gen
Maj Gen Sr
Maj Gen M
Junior Lieutenant General
Lieutenant General
Senior Lieutenant General
Master Lieutenant General
Lt Gen Jr
Lt Gen
Lt Gen Sr
Lt Gen M
Junior General
Senior General
Junior General
Gen Jr
Gen Sr
Gen M
Junior Marshal
Senior Marshal
Master Marshal
Mar Jr
Mar Sr
Mar M

Skill RatingEdit

Skill rating determines your skill level. Your skill level decreases if you avol a game [leave a game] or lose a game. Winning a game increases your skill rating. Trainings does not affect your skill rating. 

List of Skill RatingEdit

Sitting Duck
Below Average
Above Average


Report CardEdit

After a game a report card is presented., The card summarizes the fight and shows what each pilot has achieved. The report card of previous games can be viewed in the pilots archive/pilots stats.

How many enemies you shot down
Lives lost
How many times you were been killed
How many times you crashed
How many times you bailed
Ace status
Ace status
Your Ace Status
Your hit percentage
If you win a game
If you did not win
Disconnected during game
Aborted game
Dogfight Points
Your change in ranking
Airtime in minutes
Bases won
Bases Won
Neutral bases captured
Bases lost
Bases Lost
Friendly bases lost
Parts destroyed
Parts Destroyed
Enemy base part destroyed
Traitor Actions
Backstabbing actions