Dino Run
Dino Run
Release Date 6 May 2008
Levels 7
Game Type Arcade
Websites Miniclip

Arrow keys

Prequel/Sequel None
Development time Miniclip, Pixel Jam Games
Credits None

Dino Run is a game of miniclip and Pixel Jam Games. In the game, a small dinosaur needs to run for its lives from the ash of a meteor. There are 7 levels, and in the end of the last level there is a safe place. The goal is to reach this area, and help the dino escape from extinction. If you are too slow, the ash will kill the dino. There are also Super Eggs hidden in the game.


All the levels have obstacles all over, to slow the dino. There are dinosaurs eggs that can be collected for bonuses, that can be found on the ground or on trees. The dino can also eat smaller dinosaurs and worms, and even some birds, for extra bonuses.
In the levels, if the dino is too close to the meteor ash, the sky would turn red and the ground and the other dinosaurs will turn black. There are more obstacles, such as lava in advanced games, and more.


When finishing a level, the player can use the collected bunuses for upgrading its abilities. The following table shows the points needed for upgrading every ability to a more advanced level:

Ability Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Speed n/a 50 150 300 500
Accel n/a 10 30 70 150
Jump n/a 20 60 140 260
Strength n/a 30 90 180 300


  • One Super Egg is located from a rock that fell out of the sky.


  • There is a mulitplayer verison of this game but minclip doesn't have it.

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