Cricket Defend The Wicket
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Game Type Cricket
Genre Sports
Websites Miniclip


Prequel/Sequel None
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Cricket Defend the Wicket is a game based on the "Cricket". The player will play as a cricket player, and has to continuously hit the ball. Once the player has hit a black-and-yellow line or the ball hits the stumps, the game will end giving the player its final score.


When the player plays he/she will have to hit the ball in the "Red-zone" that will give the player 6 runs. If the player hits in the "orange-zone" the player will be given 4 runs, and when the player hits in the "Light green-zone" the player will given 2 runs, if the player hits in the "green-zone" the player will be given 1 run.

Calculating your final scoreEdit

When the player has finally hit in the black-and-yellow line, a formula will show up. This formula calculates your score it'll be shown as Run x s/rate (Strike Rate) = Score" To get your strike rate you must hit accurately, and must hit fast.

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