Crash n' Burn

Crash n' Burn is a game on Miniclip where players get to control a vehicle and start massive destruction on the roads. In the game, players receive missions and drive around the place and also crash into anything! This game is also an award game.

Miniclip descriptionEdit

"Crash n' Burn is all about destruction. Cars, phone booths, vending machines...everything is a target! Complete missions to move on to the next level. Go on a rampage through the city firing weapons and crashing through obstacles to cause maximum damage. The more havoc you wreak, the more money you make. But be careful - gun turrets are aiming for you and too much damage to your vehicle will end your rampage. Level up and use your hard-won cash to buy more vehicles and gadgets, change your destruction style, or add upgrades to your car in the safehouse.

Ready to burn some rubber? Start your rampage and play now!"


The following are the controls of the game.

Move - Arrow Keys

Shoot - Z

Use gadget - X

Reset position - R

Full screen - F


Complete missions given to you. The missions involve destroying vehicles. Completing missions will earn you stars which are needed to level up. The more you destroy, the more money you earn. With the money you earn, you can purchase vehicles, gadgets and upgrades to help increase your damage. However, as you destroy, your vehicle gets damaged as well and if it receives too much damage, the game is over. On the way, you may also encounter gun turrets, which will aim at you, so getting away from them will help.

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