Commando 2
Commando 2 Game
Release Date September 24 2008
Levels 12 missions
Game Type Action
Genre Action
Websites Miniclip

Mouse, Arrows

Commando 2 is an adventure game and a continuation of the hit game, Commando. Commando 2 is a "blast them before they blast you" kind of game. The levels fall into three catagories: easy, normal and hard. There is a boss at the end of each level. This game takes place in WWII in the Pacific Theater.


There are 4 different missions in the game, and 3 difficult modes: easy, normal and hard. When creating a new player, only the easy modis available, buy by accomplishing the last mission in a difficult mode, the next difficult mode is unlocked. The four missions are identical in all difficult modes, but normal and hard modes have more enemies, that cause more damage when hitting the player.


There are 36 different weapons in the game, each one has its own magazine size. Before beginning a mission, the player can select weapons to add to an inventory with 6 slots- where 2 of the weapons (a knife and a gun) are permanent, and cannot be removed. The player starts the game with 9 weapons, and by completing levels, new weapons are unlocked. The player can then use these weapons in the next level. When all missions are completed all the weapons are unlocked.

Ammo boxesEdit

Ammo boxes are used to reload weapons. They are available when destroying an object in the game. They cannot reload a weapon with a full or an infinite magazine.


Enemies appear in all levels. The most common enemies are soliders. The ordinary soldiers (green) only carry rifles and can throw grenades, but blue soliders also have rocket launchers. Red soliders are more dangerous, and have more lives. Other enemies have special abilities, like using martial artworks, fire heavy machine guns, and more. Some animals that appear in the game are harmful, like crocodiles. The player can kill all enemies using weapons.


Bosses are special enemies that have unique abilities and their own health bar. An enemy appear in the end of every mission, although in missions 3, 4, 7, 8, 11 and 12, there are semi-bosses.


There is a health bar on the top left side of the screen. By getting hit by enemies, the life decreases. There are also food items that can be obtained by destroying several obstacles, which increase the health points.
There are 9 extra lives, and if the player looses all his/ her life in the health bar, they will use one of the extra lives, and start from the last checkpoint.


Food is used to regain health. The food in easy more does not regain much health, but normal and hard modes have more types of food, which can regain large amount of the player's health.

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