Club Penguin
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Club Penguin is a free virtual world that inspires children's imagination. The site is rated at 6-14 years of age. But anyone can actually join. The site launched on October 24th 2005 with already 15000 and has grown to 130000000 players since.


When a player signs up, he/she is given the color they choose. Players can then once activated talk to Penguins, play Minigames to earn coins and buy items if they are a Member. Non-Members can get free items but cannot get items from the catalogs ecxept for flags, colors and backgrounds.


Almost every month, Club Penguin will have a party. Some party's last for 9 days and some last for 4 or 5 days. These will often have music playing in decorated rooms which will sometimes become igloo music.

The Club Penguin WikiEdit

The Club Penguin Wiki has a lot of stuff that may be of interest. See main page, "Club_Penguin_Wiki"


There are 2 main kinds of creatures and lots of other types too. This list explains what they all are.


Penguins are the main kind of creature in Club Penguin. They are the type of creature that your player is which is why there are lots of them.


Puffles are pets in Club Penguin which Penguins can adopt and look after. Players need to make sure that the Puffles are kept in a good mood or they will go back to the wild. A Puffle will cost 800 pounds to buy. A Member will be able to have up to 18, however a Non-Member is only aloud to have 2 red, 2 blue or 1 of both.

Polar BearEdit

A polar bear was first seen in mission 5, Secret of the Fur. It later turned out to be Herbert P. Bear in mission 6.


The Mullet has been seen in several different games, including Aqua Grabber and Ice Fishing. It appears in Ice Fishing at the end and to catch it, the player must keep a yellow fish to use as a bait. In Aqua Grabber, it will in Clam Waters be seen swimming once the player has collected the Giant Pearl. In Soda Seas, the Mullet is seen guarding an entrance to some hidden treasure.

Yellow FishEdit

These are normally known as Fluffy the Fish. Like the mullet, they can be seen in Ice Fishing and Aqua Grabber, but also appear in other minigames.

Grey FishEdit

These can only be seen in Ice Fishing by Members if they have bought the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod and are wearing it. They act the same way as the Yellow Fish do.


A crab was seen in mission 6. It was eventually found out to be Herbert's pet crab, Klutzy.

1 Club Penguin was/is number 1 on Miniclip's Top Ten Games List!