Canary (Orange) is your contact for information throughout Canary.
Canary (Orange) Chathead

Canary (Orange)

His role seems to be giving you information as well as informing you about the state of the invasion. At first, he seems overjoyed that a new species is discovered, as it could make them rich. Then it quickly turns into chaos, with aliens swarming in by the thousands. He finally makes it to base along with the other Canaries, but by the time your character reaches him and them, they have already been infected.

In the end, while attempting to fight the alien within him, he activates a 1 minute 18 second time bomb that will destroy the asteroid completely, along with him, the other Canaries, and the aliens within the asteroid. Your character makes it out as the alien side of Canary (Orange) screams at you to stay.

Canary (Orange) False reassurance

Note the totally inconspicuous alien.

Canary (Orange) - Last Words

Famous last words.