Canary - Basic Drone

a Basic Drone

Basic Drones are Canaries that have been enslaved by Aliens. It is assumed that they made their way to the crew members using the Mobile Carts seen in the background, as a good lot of them after level 2 are seen containing a tentacle-like alien.

They are first mentioned in level 20, seen in level 22 and encountered in level 23, Basic Drones are Aliens which infect the Canaries. Canary (Orange) is the first infected Canary you see over Video Chat, and then they are encountered in level 23. They have no attacks and walk in a set pattern, and can be destroyed for 250 points.


  • There is also an enslaved Canary with a Laser/Flight called an Enhanced Drone.
  • Canary (Orange) is one of the first to be infected, and seems to be fighting the drone enslaving him.
  • Excluding Canary (Orange), there are 23 found in-game, all on level 23. (How, ironic).