3 Foot Ninja II is the second in the 3 Foot Ninja Series. This time involves five chapters. There are also many little bonuses in the game.


  • Icon c up = Jump
  • Icon c down = Drop Levels
  • Icon c lr = Move around
  • A = Hack
  • S = High Slash
  • D = Low Slash
  • Icon c space = Crouch
  • 1 = Potion 1
  • 2 = Potion 2
  • 3 = Potion 3


Three long years have passed since our little warriors' journey began.

After the dark and treacherous that led him to the Elders' scrolls our little hero was celebrated throughout the Kingdoms. Word spread quickly of this "little warrior for the people" and everywhere he went, folks of all culture and ages welcomed him to their homes.

But as his fame and his face became known, so his enemies sworn vengance. Dark lord sent out killers and minions to find and take out our little Ninja. But each attempt at his life failed and the Lords grew impatient.

The little Ninja grew stronger under the tutoring of his mentor and grandfather Yem. Before too long, the tiny warrior became a full-fledged Ninja and was called upon by many. In his short life, he had become a saviour for the people and a nuicanse to the Dark Lords that reigned across the vast mountain regions.

Deep in the bowels of evil, the hated lords raised armies and prepared to smite the land of living. Monstrosities were born that would be no match to any man. Fires burned day and night and the sounds of metal being hammered into deadly weapons and armor could be heard for miles.

So that it came to be that on this day a week ago, our little hero received news that the south had been overtaken of dead and mutated armies.

Towns were burned and it's inhabitants slain or shackled. The King of the southern lands has lost his daughter in a siege of the castle.

Now our little warrior is off to lend his hand in the recovery of the princess and the land.


3 Foot Ninja II consists of 3 difficulties, like 3 Foot Ninja Medium as default again.